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3Days3Nights @3days3nights·23 Std.(2021-01-04)

Like Nuremberg but faster. On 1/6/21 we get to find out exactly which of the 535 Senators and House Members are traitors or patriots. Every vote is a CONFESSION. One way or another. @SidneyPowell1

3Days3Nights @3days3nights.31. Dez. 2020

What if the @FBI can’t arrest anyone because all the leaders in the @FBI were arrested?

3Days3Nights @3days3nights·1. Jan.

Trump is using Pence “retirement” thoughts to focus on the Presidential Succession Act, 3 Sec 19. It is likely unconstitutional for the Speaker or Sen Pro Tem to be in the line of succession because they are Legislators in another branch and could be in another Political Party.

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