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Lin Wood@LLinWood 21 Min.2021-01-06

Rod Rosenstein @RodRosenstein. A name that will live in infamy.

Ron @CodeMonkeyZ · 35 Min. “Rod Rosenstein solicited the help of two trusted agents (Rosati & Boroshok) with whom he had worked closely with in the past to organize the operation to retrieve a thumb drive with classified emails always carried by Mr. Rich.”

Lin Wood@LLinWood·2 Std.2021-01-06 Ron @CodeMonkeyZ is a truth-giver. When he speaks, listen carefully.

Ron @CodeMonkeyZ · 2 Std. “Joseph Risoti is, in fact, the man who hired two MS-13 agents to shake down Seth Rich that fateful night.”

Seth Rich thank you for your work an dhelp. I am sooo sorry they killed you. you are an angel.


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