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饾摍饾摳饾摫饾摲 饾摗饾摦饾摦饾摷饾摦 @TrumperWavin2 Std.2021-01-07

Pelosi calls to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office. Why would the Democrats not just wait two weeks until President Trump is out of Office? Didn't he say he was conceding? Oh, wait, [they] know [they] are fooked. Checkmate.

Major Patriot@MajorPatriot2 Std.2021-01-07

They are shutting down Trump's social media. For a crazy, baseless conspiracy theory that started on 28 October 2017, things are playing out exactly as predicted, no?

3Days3Nights@3days3nights3 Std.2021-01-07

Every aspect of this post began yesterday with RED1 and ends with Trump Team announcing he is about to go to Camp David which is CASTLE_ROCK. Charge up your cell phone.


#JesusIsLord The only reason we are here is to help others gracefully find their way back to a God that loves us all unconditionally. Amen.

3Days3Nights@3days3nights.51 Min.2021-01-07

90% of Biden Supporters and Trump Haters are NOT REAL HUMANS. They are just bot farms & offshore call centers undermining our Republic.

We The People!

In God we trust!

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