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Noch mehr qdrops

No there won’t be a Trump inauguration today, as much as we’re all patiently waiting for that day. Remember that Trump was chosen by the military to do a job. Dates were never revealed, as that would go against a military sting operation. It will happen, be patient and hold the line.

Looking back at some Deltas from today, Q Drop 835 is one of the first times Q started teaching how to “decode”.

Anons have evolved. There was a time when even anons would look towards dates (Dec 14, Jan 6 etc.). Not anymore. Like today, Mar 4th. We already know that the Deepstate likely has a false flag set up with Antifa. Define TRAP.

Q839 mentions Antifa, and we know they will be up to no good today.

Q already told us Biden was going to be in the WH. “Is there a benefit (think public optics) to allowing your enemy to open the front door? & “WH Suicide”.

Q Drop 837: We are fighting for you.

Q Drop 838: BOOM!

Trump will be back to lead the country soon. Hold the line. In the words of Q, “Enjoy the Show!”

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