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Schaut so das BÖSE aus?

Lin Wood@LLinWood·1 Std.2021-01-06

MUST BE DONE LIST before Congress meets today:

1. Mike Pence @vp@Mike_Pence must resign & thereafter be charged with TREASON.

2. Rod Rosenstein @RodRosenstein must be arrested & charged with being accessory to murder & TREASON.

3. Chief Justice John Roberts must RESIGN.

Lin Wood@LLinWood·1 Std

Now my Followers will understand why I previously suggested that Mike Pence @VP @Mike_Pence should be charged with treason. Pence is a TRAITOR.


“Rosenstein, together with Pence's knowledge and consent, went on to help engineer the entire coup attempt against President Trump [...] and promote Pence to the Presidency, at which point, Pence would turn around and appoint Rod Rosenstein as VP.”

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