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饾摍饾摳饾摫饾摲 饾摗饾摦饾摦饾摷饾摦 @TrumperWavin1 Std.2021-01-07

Phil Murphy has authorized the deployment of 500 members of the National Guard to Washington, D.C. He claims it is to 'protect our democracy' and facilitate the 'peaceful transition' of power. What did White Hats declare about the National Guard? Booms.

饾摍饾摳饾摫饾摲 饾摗饾摦饾摦饾摷饾摦 Std.2021-01-07

BOOMS: the US military is erecting barricades and a non-scalable fence around the U.S. Capitol. Why could that be, Patriots? It is almost like they are setting the stage for what is about to go down. Did you really think Trump was done? Buckle up, and enjoy the Show.

MaReQ@Mareq162 Std.2021-01-07

STAY CALM, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT Q TOLD US. WE ARE THE CALM DURING THE STORM. NOW COMES THE PAIN 23 Link to hi-res graphics - replace (DOT) https://8kun(DOT)top/qresearch/res/12370968.html#12371059

The best is yet to come ...


We The People!

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